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We have invented the HW system.

Damp-proofing of walls using stainless steel


THE INVENTORS GUARANTEE: Never again damp walls ...

You have a problem: Damp walls


Damp-proofing should have top priority in renovation work, but it is often neglected. If there is damp in your building, you should act quickly - dampness is not only uncomfortable, but it also reduces heat insulation by up to 25%. Carrying out renovation work without first tackling damp is like throwing money out of the window!


THE PATENTED HW SYSTEM involves mechanically inserting an insulating barrier into the wall. It is carried out as a time saving ONE-STEP PROCESS.


CORRUGATED SHEETS of high-grade stainless steel are driven into the bed joint of brick, mixed and stone walls using special HW machines. The edges of each steel plate overlap, avoiding the kind of hooking together that could make insertion difficult. Thee is no danger of subsidence with this method because the structural balance of the wall remains unchanged.

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